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Personal Trainer

JPH Personal Training

Welcome to JPH Personal Training.

What is JPH Training?

JPH Training is a company Jon-Paul Hendriksen established when he decided to use his experience and knowledge he had acquired over his years of competing at a high level to develop training systems to help people enjoy their training, and get the best out of their body.  Regardless of whether the clients goal is to lose fat, learn how to run, to cycle 160km, to improve their sporting performance, to improve their quality of life, to complete a marathon, or to represent your country in sport   Jon-Paul can help you reach your goal.

The important key to a successful training plan is that the goal is challenging, but achieveable with the correct amount of training, the training is designed to suit your correct fitness levels, that training is adapted to suit your  career and private life, and it must be flexible to take into account your energy levels and how your body has responded to the previous training.


Your training must be personalised!