11 Phases of Marathon week

Race Preparation, April 24, 2024

You are going to hit a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions this week, but this should help you realise it is ok.

 11 Phases of Marathon week

  1. Sickness

You notice your nose is running, your throat or think you have a cough.

  1. Fatigue

You are generally tired, can't concentrate as well, and feel like you have to go

  1. Dead legs

            There is no bounce and you may even wonder if you can even run a marathon.

  1. Worry

Have I done enough training? Did my knee always feel like that? How many gels do I need!  These are all thoughts that have crossed your mind that will start to leave some doubt.  Regardless of what has happened in your build-up you are where you are.  Make the most of that.

  1. Excitement 

Picking up the race number or doing the last session is bound to bring excitement.  You have suffered through winter to be fit for this week.  Embrace the excitement.  Do not be ashamed. Be proud.

  1. Nervousness 

Can I hold the pace? What is it going to feel like?  There is a bit of unknown no matter what the race is, but it is ok to be nervous.  It shows it really matters.  

  1. Tiredness 

How can I be so fit and I  am just always wanting to go to bed? Have I lost my edge because of the Taper? No, your body is just a bit out of rhythm, but when the race starts it will be ready.

  1. Fear 

Can I really do this? Or was the goal just a stupid dream?  It is normal to have doubts, but you have to trust the process, and it will work out.


  1. Enjoyment 

It is about now you realise how much work you have put in and that you will be rewarded on race day.  Enjoy being extremely fit and ready, and having a goal to look forward to.


  1. Belief 

This phase is likely only to arrive once you are in race.  Everything is clicking and it is going to be a great day.


  1. Joy

Hopefully before or just after you hit the line if you have stuck to your plan and hit your goal you are going to be overcome with emotion and a lot of Joy that you only get when you have worked really hard for something and it pays off.


Enjoy the roller coaster!