Jon-Paul Hendriksen

D.O.B 19.09.1978- Campsie, Australia

Nationality: New Zealand

 Coach / Trainer since 2004

Strengths: Running, Cycling, and Triathlon Training, Biomechanic analysis, Personal Training, Technique Training, and rehabilitation training.


Half Marathon Personal Best: 1:08:48

Marathon Personal Best- 2:28:53                

Marathon wins- 6 in total:

Lübeck Marathon (Course Record Holder) 2009,2010,2011

Kiel Marathon 2011

Trollinger Marathon 2010 (Course Record that has since been bettered), 2011

New Zealand Cycling Team member 1994-1997

New Zealand Duathlon Team Representative 2002, 2003 and 2005


Jon-Paul studied Fitness Instructing and Personal Training through Network.  Jon-Paul combines knowledge gained through these classes, additional information learnt from coaches Jon-Paul has worked closely with throughout the years, and the practical tools picked up from years of elite competition to provide an excellent service that will meet your needs and goals.

 Jon-Paul is a former New Zealand Cycling Representative. As a cyclist he trained at the Australian Institute of Sport, competed at the Junior World Cycling Championships, raced and trained for  two months in Italy, raced against and bet some of Australasia's best senior cyclists, and won most major age-group races there are in New Zealand.Jon-Paul has since been competing in duathlons. He has been a multiple New Zealand Representative. He has raced at both the 2002 and 2003 World Duathlon Championships. He opted not to compete at the 2004 World Championships in order to establish this business. He has since placed 15th at the 2005 World Duathlon Championships. Jon-Paul has begun racing in the Elite (professional category) despite still working full-time. In 2005 he placed 6th in the Australian Elite Men’s World Duathlon Championships Selection Race. In 2006 Jon-Paul placed 2nd in the second race of the Malakoff Malaysian Duathlon Series against the best Elite Duathletes in Asia. In 2007 Jon-Paul won his age-group at the New Zealand Duathlon Championships. His chances of winning overall were on track only for the very cold weather cause him serious problems on the cycle legs. 2007 marked a change in focus for Jon-Paul, as he decided to focus on his running, Marathon running to be precise. Although he had run a lot with his duathlons he had never specifically trained as a runner. His first year was a case of developing endurance before any great results would arrive. However, he did manage to win the Glen Eden 10 Mile Road Race,  the Auckland Teams Cross Country Championships, place 8th in the Auckland Marathon. He also managed to reduce his Half Marathon Personal Best by 5 minutes.                              

In 2009 Jon-Paul moved to Hamburg, Germany and after a settling in period he started to find his feet and continue to succeed.  He won his first ever marathon,(Luebeck Marathon) and has since progressed to win the 2010 Hamburg Marathon Championships, and the 2010 Trollinger Marathon in the space of 3 weeks.  In winning the Trollinger Marathon Jon-Paul also broke the course record and improved his Personal Best to 2:28:53.  Jon-Paul continued to win the Lübeck Marathon from 2009-2011, repeated his win in Trollinger in 2011, and also won the Kiel Marathon in 2011.  Since 2012 Jon-Paul has reduced his training and racing schedule to concentrate on his coaching and training services.

Jon-Paul has also participated in many other sports either socially, or competitively. These include Basketball, Touch Football, Indoor Soccer, Athletics, Cross Country, Mountain Biking, Rugby League, Tag Football, and Soccer. With this broad knowledge base he is able to help any sportsperson advance in their given sport.

 Jon-Paul was also the coach of Massey High School's Cycling Team, a team he took to the top of New Zealand Secondary School cycling as a cyclist when we won multiple team and individual national titles. He now aims to do this again as a coach. 2005 was a foundation building year. In 2006 showed that Jon-Paul’s program is heading in the right direction with the team winning 8 medals. The medals were won at Auckland, North Island and New Zealand Championships. In 2007 Massey High School's cyclists won even more medals including two New Zealand Championships. This year will not only see the team grow in size, but Jon-Paul also plans for the team to continue it's rise in Secondary School Cycling.


Jon-Paul has been involved in high level sport from a very young age. Through this time he has experienced and learnt a lot of valuable lessions. Jon-Paul has now developed a way to use this knowledge and apply it to everyday life and social sporting events. In doing so he has made many clients surpass their goals and literally become new people without having to sacrifice everything in order to do so. Jon-Paul has also developed training systems that have successfully helped non-runners into half marathoners and marathoners, and people who haven't ridden a bike since school to cycle 100+km with ease.

Jon-Paul listens to his clients aims, goals, problems, history, and helps design an individual plan that will help each client meet their goals, enjoy their training, and improve their life.

Photo: Alexander Tempel

 Why Do I Train People?


There is nothing better than having a training session or a planning session with an athlete that has a lot of fire, determination, and passion for their goal.  It does not matter what level that are at. Everyone that  trains is an athlete in my mind.

However, when they really have a personal desire to better themselves, and you see the kick or joy that they get when they are going through the session or plan and things are falling into place.

It gives me more energy and joy when they find that they can do something for the first time whether it be a new  exercise, a new distance, or that they find a new speed. When they start to believe in themselves, and in their ability to reach their goal.  And when they achieve that goal can the emotion and pleasure that I feel be greater than when I have won some of my races.

That is why I train athletes.

I do not want a book full of people that are just numbers to me. I want to get to know them, to work on their stories with them, and be a part of the journey. When you are just going through the motions the end product is not going to be that great, but if you have a vested interest and you want to produce something that you are proud to be associated with then your product is going to be a lot better.

I prefer to have a lot of communication with my athletes not only so I know they are training ?? , but also so that they know that things are on track, and if not we can adjust things to provide a better result. And when things are going well the fire burns a bit more.

If you are finding it hard to get motivated or involved in your training maybe it isn’t right for you.  Through an individualised training plan you can train effectively and also do things that make it a bit more interesting for you, as well as more motivating.  

I have trained a whole range of people from the completely inactive, injured, those returning to sport, seeking a performance gain, or aiming to gain national selection or win a major race.  The sports that I have trained for or people in include, gym based training, cycling, running, duathlon, triathlon, high mountain hiking, tramping, sprinting, hockey, rugby, surfing, golf, kayaking, basketball, touch rugby, and soccer.  I do not claim to be an expert on every field and if I need external assistance I will seek it, but I do love to get people moving, and seeing their fire burn brightly.